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Musculoskeletal and Spinal Intervention

With the evolution of image guided techniques, we can be accurate in directing many interventions including local anaesthetic and steroid injections.

Ultrasound, x-ray (fluoroscopy) and CT are prinicpally used to guide radiologists to inject specific sites for pain and symptom relief. 

The Cork University Hospital Group has the expertise to perform minimally invasive procedures to aid in the treatment of soft tissue injury and joint pain. 

Aim of Treatment

These procedures can be performed for a number of reasons

To allow accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain
To provide symptomatic relief for an injury whilst healing occurs
To allow pain management to enable effective rehabilitation
As a bridge treatment before surgery or other definitive treatment

We recognize the importance of liaising with the treating clinician to tailor treatment appropriate to each patient and are available to discuss any of the procedures listed below.

Use of imaging equipment allows us to safely and accurately guide the needle into the appropriate location. Interventional Radiology therefore ensures minimal discomfort, may avoid surgery and allows a rapid recovery.

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