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Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography

Information for Clinicians

General body and Neuro CT scans in addition to specialist CT studies including CT colongraphy and Cardiac CT may be arranged. Laya Healthcare currently covers CT scans for Oncology performed at CUH.


Information for Patients

CT scanning combines special x-ray equipment with sophisticated computers to produce multiple images or pictures of the inside of the body. These cross-sectional images of the area being studied can then be examined on a computer monitor. CT scans of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels provide greater clarity and reveal more details than plain x-ray examinations. You may be given an iodine-based x-ray contrast fluid through a vein to get a more detailed study of blood vessels and lymph nodes. You may be required to drink an iodine-based fluid to outline the intestine more clearly.


Using specialized equipment and expertise to create and interpret CT scans of the body, radiologists can more easily diagnose disease processes such as cancers, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, inflammatory abdominal conditions, trauma and musculoskeletal disorders..


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